Rebus Walking Tours Guide : Colin Brown


Rebus Tours Guide Colin Brown

Colin was born in Edinburgh and lives in Leith. He has been an actor since 1971 and is now the Director of Serendipity Productions. Amongst his latest videos is Frae a Needle tae an Anchor, a highly-praised documentary about Leith through oral history memories.  Colin’s credentials for guiding the Rebus walks are impeccable; he took part in the Rebus TV adaptation of Dead Souls, with John Hannah in the title role. He has recently filmed 3 documentaties: 2 with Ian Rankin, which have included extracts from Rebus Tours.

Other recent shows include his own solo adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes short stories and a stage version of the Para Handy stories by Neil Munro (with Colin playing the inimitable skipper of the puffer).  He is a proud and passionate Scot.


In 2010 Colin graduated with a B.A. (Hons) in Film and Media.

Colin is a keen local historian and recently produced a walking guide to Leith. He is a proud and passionate Scot, a vegan, conservationist and Trade Unionist. His leisure interests include singing, cycling and bird-watching; not necessarily simultaneously. If a rare species is spotted flying over Salisbury Crags, your walking tour may be delayed for a moment or two.