Tips for visitors to Edinburgh

Visit a sporting event. Details can be found on the back pages of the local newspapers, or ask a local when and where the next soccer, rugby or indoor sporting activity is taking place. This will allow you to see the Scots at their most passionate, garrulous and demonstrative. Be sure to wear neutral colours.

Travel by bus. It is a cheap, clean and efficient means of getting around the City. The bus service is well used by the locals, and you will discover the real meaning of the Scots word “dour”. All relevant information about the buses is displayed at the bus stops, so there is no need to bother the driver by asking questions; the locals need to get to where they are going quickly, please respect their time.

Frequent the bars and restaurants. They are convivial places of entertainment and the locals are always delighted to provide you with advice and opinions, if you approach them in a suitably friendly manner.

Queue. Scotland is one of the few countries in the world that still respect people when they are waiting in line. Please have reverence for this ancient tradition.

Don’t feed “wee broon dugs” or they will follow you all day.

Feel free to discuss and condemn the weather on a regular basis; this is an honourable local diversion.

If you feel cold, stand closer to India.

Enjoy your stay.

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